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  busy day single
oh, what a busy day 7" BES-005   (sold out)
oh, what a busy day / green means go / i dream of jean genet
  have a go cd
have a go with the parcels CD BES-013 [BUY]
snappy new haircut / jessica pancakes / i could be a dinosaur / horton hears the who / patchoulie julie / she's a good witch / minor disturbance grrrl / green means go / i stole a star / measure me sky / lobster kids / monkey bars

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  compilation appearances:

  one book+cd
"if i ever get the chance again" on
"one" book + cd on jillbliss.com and Shelflife Records.
  will there be time for tea?
"she's a good witch" on
will there be time for tea? on Morgan Leah Records.

  new atmosphere for the future "snappy new haircut" on
new atmosphere for the future: u.s. pop life international on Contact Records (Japan).
  the gossip on have a go (reviews):

Big Orange Crayon

There are lots of reasons to listen to music - people listen to music to get depressed, to get angry, lonely, sentimental, or any other imaginable emotion. But sometimes, people just listen to music to jump around like a kid and be happy for no reason in particular (at least I do). This is good, because without it, this album would have never been made and the world wouldn't have been quite so sunny. Not only is this indie pop similar to Go Sailor, it's indie pop that mentions Go Sailor in a song, so all of us indie pop dorks get enchanted immediately. If you're like me, that's all you need. You'll love this album. If you're more rational than I am, you might need a little more information before laying out your ten bucks, and that's fine.

Have a Go With the Parcels features a lot of straight-foreward jangly guitars with vintage sounding organs and such with mostly girl, though occasionally girl/boy vocals in very cute songs such as "Jessica Pancakes" which lives happily in a little corner of my brain and comes out to play when I'm trying to concentrate on other things, but I don't mind because the more songs about people who sabotage their relationships in an attempt to eat more pancakes, the merrier, I say. Really, though the whole disc, the mood never drops, starting in the sparkly opening track "Snappy New Haircut" though a bit of Kant's categorical imperative in "I Stole A Star" to the end, you'll be jumping around and singing along like me.

Total score 561 out of 561


My very first impression of this was not a very good one, simply because of the frequently off-key vocals and the all around amateurish quality to this cd. Then a few songs later, I found myself bouncing around to each super-catchy song. Very energetic short songs (12 in 25 minutes!) and boy/girl vocals; these kids are definitely in the same vein as Bunnygrunt and the Maybellines. With the cute songs and attractive design, it really looks like a Kindercore release. In fact, Ryan Lewis even designed it! "Jessica Pancakes" does rip off the Association's "Windy", though...

Kick Bright

In a word: cuuuuuuute. Yes, use seven "u's" so when you say it out loud it'll be really drawn out. The Parcels are all about cutesy indiepop singing about dinosaurs, snappy new haircuts, playgrounds and riot grrrls. It's fun. It's smiley. The girls voice is so cute. The guy from lightrotation.com is the drummer! Reference: Bunnygrunt.

Happy Day, Happy Time!

This site is in Japanese and you'll have to scroll down towards the bottom of the page to find the review. Roughly translated, it says:

This is the debut CD by the parcels, who caused a little stir with their 7" last year. These 12 anorak-pop songs clock in just under 30 minutes total running time. Since each song is so short, the CD ends before you know it. The second song, "Jessica Pancakes," sounds a bit like "Windy" by the Association. Recommended for fans of scrappy guitars and girl vocals.

Tower Records (Japan) Bounce

This site is the online outlet of Tower Records Japan's magazine Bounce (the Japanese equivalent to our Pulse). Roughly translated, it says:

The brand new album by the trio from New Jersey, who give us a taste of that straight-up indie guitar pop. Their scrappiness is reminiscent of The Pastels (who are only separated by 2 letters in their spelling!). The drumming is very solid and it adds a good stability to their sound (incidentally their drummer is Japanese). We really enjoy this CD!