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the parcels at the kfc museum, summer tour 2000
(l-r) m-klass, c-sexin', and play-j
what? yeah, that's right, may 2007. we got an email from a lovely gal named emelia who was looking for some parcels info. we exchanged some emails with her and this is the fruit of her labors. thanks emelia!

the parcels have called it quits. it's been a long nearly-five years... thanks to everyone for everything.

We were interviewed by this awesome site called sound the sirens, you should go check it out! It's terribly long, I'll warn you. In other news, we're participating in a Cat's Miaow tribute compilation and we're doing "The Phoebe I Know" but we kind of took a little artistic freedom in our interpretation. Hopefully you'll like it. Hopefully it'll come out soon.

Damn, it's virtually fall. The latest news we have got going is that the aforementioned book+comp is now out! You can order it directly from jill's site or from shelflife. Just follow the links right below. Other notable peeps on this comp include girlfrendo, the fairwood singers (allen clapp), brittle stars, majestic, free loan investments, aerospace, moving pictures, mahogany... the list goes on. nicey nice.

Damn, it's virtually summer. We played a show in April with The Ladybug Transistor at Smith College and that was a bit of alright. We have a song on an up-coming book+compilation cd to be co-released by Shelflife Records and www.jillbliss.com, so be on the look-out for that.

Our show for pOperation Help went pretty well (check out the photos at shirleybeans.com), we threw down some discounted Time Cafe food and threw down some of our "new joints" to the Fez masses. A bit of the flu was running around it seemed, because a lot of people there were ill. We're thinking about hitting the midwest for a tour this summer... so if you're in Western PA, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri or eastern Kansas, and are looking to put on a show this summer, drop us a note!

New Year's Day came and went without much of a bang. All three of us kicked it up a notch at the Upstage in Philly and caught Burning Brides rock out another blidstering demonstration of rock and roll. Christian and AJ saw Dude, Where's My Car? and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon over the weekend... yeah that's about it.

We're currently working on a batch of 12 new songs, one of them being the collective favorite "I got lost in Aldershot" (the name's changed to "French Film Eyes"). We're gearing up for the big show at the end of January (see in our shows page) and we hope to unveil a few of the new stuff then. Also, I don't know how long it's been up but popscene.com/audio has an mp3 and RealAudio version of our song Measure Me Sky. Neat.

There's a little blurb about us in an Insound article about this summer's EXPO 2000 put on by Kindercore Records. You'll have to scroll down on the right nav bar to where it says "10.10.2000 Kindercore EXPO2000" and click on that. Frames suck.

Check out our excessively charming and witty interview on the Philadelphia Weekly.