in case anyone's wondering, all copyright and publishing rights are maintained by the individual bands and artists. don't come after me with anything. I've personally approached Rose (The Softies, Go Sailor) and Amelia (Heavenly) that I'm doing this, and they didn't seem to mind -- and besides, it's not like I'm making money from it or anything. anyway, enjoy.

> The Softies [s/t] [It's Love] [Winter Pageant] [various singles]

These lyrics were transcribed from the liner notes of the Japanese release of the self-titled (co-released by Slumberland and Flavour records), the Japanese release of It's Love (co-released by K and Rebel Beat Factory records), and the Winter Pageant CD (K).

A round of applause to Tara for help on As Skittish As Me, Keight with He'll Never Have To Know, and Brendan with Nothing Sincerely and Lambretta Boy!

> Heavenly [Le Jardin de Heavenly] [Operation Heavenly]

The lyrics from Le Jardin de Heavenly were transcribed (with minor adjustments) from the liner notes of the Japanese release, a co-release by Quattro and Sarah Records. The ones from Operation Heavenly were transcribed (again, with small adjustments) from the liner notes of the Japanese release, a co-release of Rebel Beat Factory and K Records.

Lyrics for Heavenly vs Satan, PUNK Girl, the Decline and Fall of Heavenly, and earlier singles/compilation appearances can be found at the TweeNet Europe Heavenly page.

> Go Sailor [various singles]

These lyrics were carefully interpreted (from listening and re-listening to the CD and the 7"s on 33rpm) by me and Keight. Help on "Windy" came from Van Hong out in Berkeley, CA. Thanks Van!

...say, ever hear of the parcels?

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